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Trek Cycles is all about cycle riding, trails to ride and their locations, today's bikes and technologies, biking vacation destinations, and everything else related to the biking experience.

We like riding mountain bikes. On the trails or on the sidewalks. . .either way it is great fun and exercise. You also get a chance to see your surroundings much better. I like to ride for fun, to see my world up closer at a slower pace, and also to loose weight and get fresh air.

Taking your Trek bike off the urban pavement and out on some of the trails is a great way to enjoy the great out doors. You can ride hard and fast for the fun and exercise or you can slow down and enjoy the birds, wildlife, and forest.

This year I am going to do some camping at some of the Michigan State Parks that offer trails for biking riding that are located close by. I think I will make some great discoveries and have great fun all along the way.

Riverwalk bike trail system.Back in 2013 I rented a mini cabin at Bay City Campgrounds located just north of Bay City and just across the street from Lake Huron. I stayed there for about 3 or 4 days. I rode my Trek bike every day. They have many miles of paved trails dedicated just for cyclists, walkers, joggers, and hikers. The trails going north will take you through some forested areas and out to several overlooks that are located in wetlands. Much wildlife can be viewed and enjoyed all along the way.

If you decide to ride this trail you will need to take water, sunglass's, and comfortable riding apparel. The trails are well marked as you come into the city and easy to follow.

The trail leading south is the Riverwalk and Railtrail System and is a 17.5 mile network.  These trails are old rail-ways that are now converted into paved trails for the general public to enjoy. The trail is a big loop that will take you through farm country and into the city and then back into the farm lands that eventually end up right at the park entrance. I had a lot of fun at the Bay City State Park and will definitely visit them again some time in the future. Here is a link to their web site if you want to know more info about them. http://bayfoundation.org/about-us/riverwalkrailtrail/

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